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The Friends of Pembroke Park (est. 1996) is an Incorporated Society that works positively to enhance and protect Pembroke Park.

It does this by providing a connection between its members, the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) and the public especially when proposals arise that challenge the Recreation Reserve status of the Park and its Management Plan.

History has shown that the Park is vulnerable to proposals that could affect it being retained as an open green space.

The pressure for changes are partly due to the rapidly growing population of Wanaka which is becoming well-known as one of New Zealand’s most beautiful tourist towns.

park activities


The Park is adjacent to the lakeshore of Roys Bay and in walking distance to the Wanaka Town Centre.

Safe Pathways

Safe pathways for children, bikes, scooters and pushchairs.


Areas for active organised sport and tournaments.


Venues for large and small events, e.g. the Agricultural and Pastoral Show, multi-sport races and craft markets.


A popular greenspace for safely practising on-ground handling skills of paragliders and for general kite flying.


A popular Skateboard Park that caters for all ages and abilities.


136 carparks in the sealed carpark off Dungarvon Street.


designated as Recreation Reserve


hectares in size


2019-2021 is presenting to be the most challenging time for protecting the Park, as during this timeframe a new Master Plan for the town centre and its foreshore and a Transport Strategy Plan are being made available for public submissions.


Listed below are some of the past proposals for uses of Pembroke Park that the Wanaka community has been given the opportunity to make submissions on.


1971:  Town Hall Proposal.


1973:  Community Centre, Administration Block, Tea Kiosk, Caretaker’s House, Children’s Playground, Tennis Courts and Carpark – were proposed with Dungannon Street (now Ardmore Street) being re-routed through Pembroke Park.


1977:  A Community Centre and re-zoning Proposal;


1993-1994:  Community Complex as a Cultural and Arts Centre;


2002:  Selling or leasing of Bridgeman Green (which is part of Pembroke Park).  A town sewerage dump station was suggested where the current toilet facilities are situated.


2019 – 2020:  Shifting the Park’s boundaries to make more town car parking.


Before the Friends of Pembroke Park became a Society in 1996, there was a group of like-minded Wanaka people who challenged the governing bodies of the day against developments that would affect the park and its green space.


These groups were known as The Wanaka Property Owners and later, The Pembroke Park Action Group.

Some of the other achievements to date have been through working actively and positively with Council, encouraging them to give attention to:

    • Keeping the Management Plan updated and ratified.
    • Erecting a post and chain fence to show the boundaries of the Park and to protect it from irresponsible vehicles and vandalism.
    • Getting the Park landscaped with better soil, irrigation, mounding, planting and pathways.  This was to enhance its suitability for recreation, sport and community events.